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A podcast for wrestling fans, by wrestling fans. Two grown adults just talking about why they love wrestling. A part of the Love Thy Nerd Podcast Network.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 8 | Finish Him!

    John & Radio Matt share the best and worst finishing moves of all time! PLUS: + The Elimination Chamber was Hot Garbage + Big Show is All Elite + Angry Miz Girl is now Happy Miz Young Adult ...


  2. Episode 7 | Bad Gimmicks

    John & Radio Matt discuss good wrestlers with the worst gimmicks, including people who made them work anyway! PLUS: + Royal Rumble Re-Cap + "Ow! My Hole!" + WWE News & Reactions ...


  3. Episode 6 | Goes Hollywood

    In this socially-distanced edition, John & Radio Matt hit the big screen, sharing the best and worst movies with wrestlers! Plus, early Royal Rumble predicitions and more! NOTE: Because of the unexpected nature of having to record in seperate locations, the audio is a bit off from normal. Things ...


  4. Episode 5 | Talking Trash

    "Two Words" returns and is ready to talk some trash, jabronis. Who are the best and worst trash talkers of all time? Plus, the One Chip PROMO Challenge! SPICY! ...


  5. Episode 4 | Holiday Madness

    John & Matt discuss wrestling around the holidays, including the good and bad holiday-themed maches and crazy movies cameos. Plus: + WWE / AEW News Reactions + WWE Needs a New Head Writer - Why not us? + Early TLC Predictions + Stay Tuned AFTER the outro music for as last minute addition where ...