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A podcast for wrestling fans, by wrestling fans. Two grown adults just talking about why they love wrestling. A part of the Love Thy Nerd Podcast Network.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 21 | Stone Cold

    There are plenty of wrestlers that have felt larger than life throughout the years, but few have reached this level of immortality by being a normal guy who hates his boss. Whether it was his in-your-face attitude, his cathartic clashes with authority, or his iconic catchphrase that has sold more ...


  2. Episode 20 | Entrance Music

    There is a reason Vince McMahon calls his business "Sports Entertainment". When you see a wrestler walking to the ring, it's the spectacle that makes them feel larger than life. Pyro, graphics, laser lights, a video package, and the most important element - the music. The rallying cry for every ...


  3. Episode 19 | "Real" Athletes

    Those outside the fandom think that since wrestling is scripted, that wrestlers aren't actually real athletes. But they fail to realize that many wrestlers got their start in other sports! PLUS: + Crown Jewel: Nothing Bad Happened! + Wrestling News & Rumores ...


  4. Episode 18 | You're Fired

    Wrestlers getting fired is commonplace and not all that scandalous, typically. But these last two years have brought a culling of over 100 talents from the WWE rosters. We talk about the biggest mistakes and who has made it out the best since being released. PLUS: + Wrestling News & Rumors + WWE ...


  5. Episode 17 | Pilot Episode

    John & Radio Matt share with you the original pilot episode recorded for what would become "Two Words"! This was originally recoded in August of 2020. ...